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Interior Sourcing & Styling

Mount Lodge

Brief: Originally the room was intended to be very minimal and uncluttered, but following the owners girlfriend moving in, they wanted to create a more comfortable living room space for TV and relaxation in the evening. The aim was to keep the natural and calming aesthetic and incorporate as many sustainable and eco-friendly products as possible within the given budget.

Conclusion: Through working closely over email and skype with our client, we were able to understand their lifestyle and motivations for revamping their living room space, which enabled us to create a design concept that promoted a sense of calm and relaxation by using as many natural materials as possible.  By  suggesting an eco-friendly lime paint (with zero VOC content) in a neutral shade with warm tones, we aimed to make full use of the extraordinary light that bathed this south facing room in an kaleidoscope of colour from sunrise to sunset.  This neutral colour palette, not only complimented the natural wood floor and created a calming aesthetic, but also created the perfect backdrop for the corner sofa in a magnificent burnt rust colour.

By offering more than one option for each item sourced, we were not only able to come in under budget, but we were also able to include a number of eco and sustainable options in every suggested product category, including; the handmade corner sofa produced by a company dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint through using FSC-certified wood and renewable energy sources.  Handcrafted lampshades constructed from natural recycled cardboard and assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesive, a handcrafted TV unit made from sustainable mango wood and a rug created entirely from recycled plastic bottles Рas well as a range of soft furnishing options made from hemp, ecological cotton and Fair Trade linen.

The clients were delighted with the finished project, which came in under budget, with options that ranged from £3040 to £4145.

(We do not currently have finished images of the completed living room as this was a remote project and subject to the client providing images when convenient)

  • YEAR : 2020
  • LOCATION : St Leonards, UK
  • TYPE : Interior Sourcing & Styling